We obsess about your success!  Sky rocketing, off-the-charts success!!

Our game-changing insights inform your ideas and support your decisions.

The BEIS Value Proposition

Our Competitive Edge:  Three Things We Do Better Than Anyone Else

Develop unique,

game-changing insights 

Provide thought partnership

for industry leading strategy

Generate top notch market

and competitive assessments

  • We structure and execute focused research plans that generate amazing insights to help you make the very best decisions wth confidence

  • Our ability to carefully blend expert knowledge with other data sources sets us apart

  • BEIS is primarily a strategy consulting firm and we do much more than deliver mere business research or data

  • We are thought partners who listen closely, learn rapidly, and work collaboratively to help you deliver results

  • We offer comprehensive business research to improve your understanding of your markets, the competition, and the best available opportunities

  • The practical knowledge and insight we deliver turn your ideas into actionable strategies

In your journey from Idea to Impact we add value every step of the way:

  • We transform an idea into actionable insight through innovation, information, and intelligence resulting in rapid, lasting impact.

  • At project inception, we take time to clarify the scope, deliverables, content, and process

  • Then we engage in a thorough dialog to help you structure the problem, finalize questions, and validate likely sources and research plan

  • We concurrently consult our expert panel for high value sources and planned analysis

  • We collect all types of secondary data from various sources and databases, and conduct a thorough gap analysis to identify the best experts - with key questions for probing

  • We carry out the analysis and synthesize our findings, following In-depth primary research 

  • Our final step is to package and deliver the end product(s) in a presentation with Q&A

Our Unique and Core Competencies

Planned Perfection

Exceptional Expertise

Stellar Synthesis

  • We help you think through the challenge you are facing

  • We refine the problem statement and the questions that need to be answered

  • We solicit input from an advisory panel to further crystallize the research plan

  • Our Executive Consultants and Insight Leaders offer unparalleled consulting experience and deep industry expertise

  • This  allows us to formulate the optimal expert plan and target the best experts  

  • Our highly efficient research and unique expert network yields the very best  material for analysis and synthesis

  • Combine this with top caliber strategy consulting prowess and you get the very best, exceptionally unique insight 

At BEIS, the journey from data to insights is continuously informed and refined by the best experts, consultants, analytics and synthesis

  • Our unique and game-changing insights development process creatively leverages rare resources within and outside BEIS

  • From hand-picked, engagement-specific Expert Panels to fully-automated, high-value Web-bots, we bring rapid, optimal methods to identify and deliver value to your challenges

  • Our deep, seasoned Executive Consultants and Insight Leaders skillfully debrief in-the-field experts to build upon our copious, yet highly relevant, secondary research

  • We further use leading edge analytics to get to the answers you need to make decisions

  • Our context-sensitive impact delivery ensures maximum value from our low priced services

  • We stand behind our work and make sure that the quality goes in before our name goes!