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Excellence comes in many shapes and forms.  In the world of Strategy Consulting and Business Research the yardstick is invariably client satisfaction and repeat business.  BEIS has a near-perfect score on these measures.  Check out our success stories.  Engage us in a free consultation.  Entrust us with a small project.  We guarantee that we will live up to your expectations ... and to our reputation!

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"Best Expert InSight (BEIS) provided us with more value,  in a shorter timeframe  than other firms we have hired combined"

- Deal Partner, US PE Firm

"The work you delivered is absolutely top notch – couldn’t be more pleased."

- CEO, Major Software Firm

"This is a tremendous job for ten days.  It is much appreciated across the deal team"

- Deal Partner, UK PE Firm

"We love your model and the value you deliver.  Period."

- CMO, Pharma Company

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“The critical skill of this century is not what you hold in your head, but your ability to tap into and access what other people know.  The best leaders and the fastest learners know how to harness collective intelligence.”

- Liz Wiseman, Wiseman Group


“An expert knows the answers - if you ask the right questions.”

- Levi Strauss


"The only source of knowledge is experience”

- Albert Einstein


“A single conversation with a wise man beats ten years of study.”

- Chinese Proverb

We take great pride in the fact-based, thoroughly researched end products we deliver

Our end products take many forms.  Slide decks and supporting spreadsheets  are mos typical.  We also deliver long-form reports, animated presentations, and interactive tutorials.  By far the most valuable and highest impact product we deliver is the conversations we have with you throughout the engagement.  The synthesis of our secondary research, our expert interviews, and industry panel are conveyed during several calls and also with our final presentation.  The Q&A sessions that invariably accompany the deliverables often provide greater value to some of our clients as do the perspectives derived from a whole slew of expert interviews and reviews with the engagement-specific expert panel.

Sanitized Sample Deliverables

The sample deliverables below are meant  to provide a general  idea of the type of work we do and the quality of our end products.  Please contact us at for higher resolution - and more legible - examples.

Industry + Target Assessments

Industry + Market Entry

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