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We are a fast-growing team with high ambitions that is energized by the challenge of solving some of the toughest problems faced by strategic decision makers across all industries.  We are always looking for talented professionals dedicated to creating outstanding outcomes for our clients to join our global team.  Diversity of perspective and experience are highly valued, as is intelligence, creativity and a fiery passion to deliver client impact and value.

BEIS Roles

We are always looking for the best!

Executive Consultants









Executive Consultants

While there is no pre-defined criteria for the Executive Consultant role, the majority of successful candidates have a top-tier strategy consulting background and an immense (i.e., absolutely off-the-charts) drive to deliver top notch strategy, research and insights to our clients.  We seek professionals who are skilled interviewers, innately curious, excellent analysts, and have mastered the art of synthesizing complex information into exceptionally valuable nuggets that we call 'best expert insights'.  In this role you will be the senior team member responsible for understanding all key client issues, structuring research plans, developing target expert and panel profiles, conducting in-depth analyses in support of client objectives, and developing insights that answer specific client questions. You will have exposure to a variety of client needs and expectations.  Broad experience with several industries, processes, functions, geographies, and business models is a definite plus.

Insight Leaders

The Insight Leader plays a pivotal role in the BEIS value delivery system.  Part process and part content, the focus of this position in most engagements is to act as the primary hub of our hub-and-spoke model.  They act as a collaboration leader for all the major participants in our proprietary insights development process.  These include, but are not limited to: BEIS clients, Executive Consultants, Research Managers, Experts, and other third parties that contribute to our efforts.  Typically, a successful Insight Leader has a strong combination of business research, expert interviewing, secondary research, analytics, query clarification, and synthesis development in their background.  They have prior experience at a consulting firm, a corporate development or competitive analysis group, a market research company, or an expert network.  This role requires strong communication, analytical, research, and leadership skills to lead and facilitate projects.

Research Associates

This position requires a strong passion for business research combined with occasional client-facing savvy.  We seek flexible, smart, and positive college graduates with a minimum of 2 years experience in an analyst or similar role.  Exceptional problem solving,
communication and collaboration skills are a must as is relentless attention to detail in a high-transaction, fast-paced environment.  Individuals should show strong team service orientation skills and have an innate desire to track down solutions to sophisticated client issues. A natural proclivity for fast-paced learning and client service in a technology-enabled environment goes a long way.   Ability to communicate and manage collaborative relationships across the full professional spectrum is essential. Those who do well usually demonstrate the ability for self-initiative, solution mapping and management, and the desire plus skills to handle increasing responsibility over time.
The BEIS business is first and foremost a talent business.  We are nothing without our Executive Consultants, Insight Leaders, and all the other roles that lead to the eventual delight of our clients.  Additionally, identifying, recruiting and on-boarding 'experts' is an integral part of the work we do and insights we deliver.  Our Talent Champions are enthusiastic professionals who develop and grow our internal, full-time or contract resources, as well as our ever expanding galaxy of experts. To this extent, deep familiarity with professional social networks is critical.This role offers exciting opportunities to work closely with business and strategy leaders who are driving critical decisions throughout the globe. These individuals will work closely with client facing staff on custom client projects and strategic recruiting efforts designed to quickly put our Executive Consultants and Insight Leaders in touch with relevant key opinion leaders and senior industry experts. 

Talent Champions

Team Co-ordinators

High-performance research teams need intense co-ordination and support.  Identifying, scheduling, documenting, indexing, classifying, retrieving, and calendaring team activities are just some examples of the role that this position plays within a team environment.  An ideal background would generally include a team and data support role including basic Microsoft Office skills and capabilities.  Other responsibilities include the coordination of on-line meetings and interviews, notes taking and debriefs, preparing agendas and supporting documentation.  Occasionally taking and issuing meeting minutes, tracking follow-up between meetings, and management of project activities could also be required.  If you have managed the on-going data and documentation for research projects, that would be fantastic.  A strong team player with a service orientation who derives satisfaction from seeing teams succeed is ideally what we are looking for.

Get in touch

Looking to reach a higher levels of career satisfaction?  If you have an interest in any of the above roles please do get in touch.  Tell us why you think you’re a good fit for Best Expert InSight. Please send your resume and a cover letter to: careers@

Recruiting process

You can rest assured that we will review your credentials in a timely and comprehensive manner.  Our Talent Acquisition team handles a number of job inquiries on a regular basis. Because of this large volume of activity, we are unable to personally respond to every applicant.

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