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True insights are rare.  Traditional consulting and business research firms seldom provide any.  We do!  Our proprietary methodology, unparalleled access to unique experts, exceptionally sharp executive consultants, highly experienced insight leaders, and world-class secondary research converge in harmony to deliver what no one else can: game-changing insights that deliver decisive intelligence, amazing value, and lasting impact

Industry Assessment Experience

Enterprise Assessment Experience

The BEIS Difference

What we do + What sets us apart

  • Extensive industry coverage ranging from the global financial services sector to country-specific natural resources and mining

  • Project and client-specific due diligence in niche markets, as needed

  • Qualitative and quantitative research on drivers, issues and trends

  • “Standard” or “Custom” areas of focus as per client requirements

  • Assist decision-makers to assess, filter and choose the best options

  • Research and insights focused on M&A target firms, portfolio companies or leading competitors in general or niche markets

  • Full coverage of markets, competitors, suppliers and industry

  • Special focus on current and future, met and unmet customer needs

  • Assist with market entry, competitive actions and new sales options

  • Strategic analysis for growth, profitability, opportunities and threats

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When - and where - the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts 

We have all heard of the network effect.  A corollary to that is the 'multiplier effect'!  This is what transpires when a service is so 'off-the-charts' on multiple dimensions that when you multiply the combined value they produce on each contributing factor, the resultant capability is unique and unparalleled.  In other words, BEIS offers results whose value is second to none thanks to the top-caliber capabilities we bring to the table along multiple dimensions like our coverage, talent, expert network, value-to-price ratio, and global reach.

We Offer Unique Capabilities Across Multiple Dimensions

Top Consulting, PE & Research Talent Pool
On-demand Network 
Top Quality at Very
Attractive Price Points
Outstanding Perspective With A Global Reach
  • Sharp expertise
  • Extensive experience
  • Global perspective
  • Unparalleled access 
  • Massive database
  • Practical acumen
  • Huge knowledge base
  • Custom research
  • Practical leverage
  • 'Right-shoring' options
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible delivery formats
  • Unique insights
  • Rigorous + rich process
  • Huge expert network
  • On-demand access
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Unique access methods
  • Rich referral scheme
  • Social network access
  • Top tier consulting talent
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Trained project managers
  • Experienced researchers
  • Analytics expertise
  • Rapid synthesis talent
  • Private equity experience
  • Sector coverage
  • Industry coverage
  • Function coverage
  • Process coverage
  • Geographic coverage
  • Niche area coverage
Owing to extensive experience across a number of key sectors, BEIS provides a solid foundation for expert analysis and synthesis in literally any industry.
Our global access and perspectives across all geographies sets us apart.  We leverage this experience,  expertise, and network to deliver truly global insights with a local flavor.
Our deep experience and first-hand knowledge of the entire value chain – including all major functions and processes – provides us a running start to any insight project
The top-caliber management consulting and private equity experience of our team allow us to provide the best insight – or access to expertise – to support the solution and decision making of your most pressing questions and problems
In addition to our core team, we have retained experienced and trained project managers that act as an anchor in the research, analysis and synthesis process.  Combined with our expert pool, this makes for a truly winning combination
The wide variation in the focus, content and needed expertise of our projects is met with data-driven and business-focused ‘on-demand’ talent.  Our extensive network of core resources makes this possible – just in time and as needed
We have developed extensive contacts in a wide range of industries, functions, and geographies through the skilled leverage of alumni networks and professional social media.  Your projects get the best insight and expertise available – period.
Since total cost of research, synthesis and delivery is a prime consideration for our clients, we adopt a blend of best global and ‘best-in-class’ lower-cost resources to staff your projects without absolutely any sacrifice in quality or on-time delivery
While presentations and ‘Solution’ or ‘Discussion’ decks are the de-facto standard for expert market insight projects, we strive hard to meet the specific needs of our clients and adapt ‘deliverables’ to the format, medium, and interactivity they desire
Our experts are from around the globe and have a ‘local’ and ‘global’ perspective to meet the specific needs  of your decision-support project.  We make every effort to find you the most relevant insight to the specific geographies that you want to target.
In addition to our ‘glocal’ focus, we offer expertise that play at the interface of certain geographies or areas of expertise.  This type of ‘inter-disciplinary’ at the cusp of your multi-foci needs allows us to deliver insight that no other firm is equipped to.

Consulting Services are primarily assessed on the value they deliver and the (positive!) impact they have.  Business research services are evaluated on the veracity of (hard to get!) facts they provide and the astuteness of the "so what's" they produce. When you combine the two, the only metrics that really matter are: (a) the number of actionable insights developed,  (b) the speed with which they are generated, and (c) the upside to the bottom-line that they deliver. This is the type of value that every stakeholder loves - but very few actually obtain from their  consultants or, for that matter, from anywhere!

The triple bottom line that really matters: Action, Speed & Value

Distinct Differentiators

Our Process









Our Methods

Primary Research


Expert Panels

Secondary Res.


Social Media

Analyst Debriefs


Our Deliverables






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